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									The first cheat cheat experienced

 for the first time experienced the disgraceful cheating

 for the first time cheating

 for the first time cheating
 Shunde, Guangdong Province Qi Xing school district four years <1>
class Zhu Lingfeng
 man's life went through many the first time, there are memorable for the first time,
there are happy for the first time ... ... and I experienced the first time a dishonorable -
Cheating. Although this is only the first time, but it often appears in my mind, I
thought it would be very sorry.

 That was my second year final exams last semester of the language. Papers hair
down, and everyone is seriously to answer. I did a while, suddenly, a very fierce,
"stumbling block" brings me stopped, thought for a long time have no idea to defeat
this "stumbling block", this time, I anxious sweat. Time is like an arrow like a fly
quickly over the past ... ...

 does not work! Deep inside a voice of reason is reminding me. Suddenly, I always
think of a Jizhongshengzhi disgraceful good attention - cheating. Once the teacher can
see how to do? Schools will be punished, but only ferocious "stumbling block" is! I
would not lose very much, if the problem asks, is wrong, it will be their parents
scolded. If, not only can boast of their own in front of some students, but also their
parents and teachers praise. At this time, my heart is very contradictory, confused.

  I looked around looking down, saw the teacher is focusing on the reading, students
are immersed concentrate answer, in the classroom a peaceful, just issued a "sand,
sand, sand," the writing voice. After much pondering, I finally had resolved. For the
first honors; in order to get students to praise; to prevent parents scold, I decided to
cheat. I quickly reached into the bag, quickly took out language books, his name was
flipped through, finally found the answer, I quickly looked at again, gently books
closed this, we do not pay attention quickly to take advantage of it into the bag , then
turn immersed answer at this time, I relaxed a lot, but my heart seems to have a stone

 few days later, send down the papers, I saw a bright red 98 points. At this time, the
students gave me another long look of admiration. But I felt this stab my heart like a
score in the 10 million swords. My heart is confused, his face bright red, hand does
not stop trembling. Why? Because this score is not me, but I have stolen 98 points.

 This is only the first time I cheat, but it printed in my heart of hearts a deep scar
down. It will always encouraged me to be honest from the opposite, bright future.
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