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					A sleepless night sister Entrance

 sleepless night entrance sister younger sister

 a sleepless night

  a sleepless night in Guangdong Ping to the street, Longgang District, the first
primary 5 (2) Class Deng Ru Ru
  the end of this year's college entrance examination has to participate in college
entrance examination's sister nervously spent at home day after day. June 27 into the
line to be announced, my sister is very anxious, always walking around at home, and
made the whole family are strained to follow.

 I am really worried for her, if not pass the test, then how do? Because the sister
reported that the People's University, ah, have to test 700 multisection. If that was
admitted, and I'm afraid my sister would faint. Dad said that her sister was admitted to
the case, it would open champagne to celebrate. I really want to champagne!

  from seven in the morning, we will be watching online the latest news the site
entrance. We open the http / /: www. 5184. com, search results may be too many
people, we have not found. Younger sister burning with impatience. Call to Longgang
Hiraoka teachers in learning, there is always busy. Until 9 pm many of the younger
sister waiting by the phone off the phone then screamed: "wow!" "I am 771 points, the
first class."

  moment how much we happy! Younger sister hobbled down, and old father hugging,
laughing and crying. Old mother has panic came out from the kitchen, where the three
hold together. Really funny! Over what, Mom turned to holding a shake I jump in,
Biede I almost breathing on. When they move back to normal, the father raised his car
keys, said: "We went to Fu Shan Hotel, champagne!"

 younger sister a few branches of political best, so she stayed up long, and finally
succeeded. Three years younger sister particularly hard, but hard work brings.

 That night, I am pleased to have Zhengsu not sleep. Parents are so looking forward
to for so many years Ah, finally assured. After seven years, I have to participate in
college entrance examination, but also to make parents happy sleep!

 Instructor: Peng Zhongcheng

 Submission :2005-7-1216: 33:30
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