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					Inspiration Inspiration fish get

 small fish who get inspiration

  small fish of the Enlightenment
  quiet mountain Stream Dutch primary four classes had many inventors in the world
obtained from animals in China. That submarine is what the body get inspiration from
  fish of course! Once in the pool at the fish, the fish while floating on the water,
rolled over belly up overturned Yang Yu, a moment to the bottom, channeling
channeling to go, can only vaguely see a little shadow, can be just like a small
submarine. From that time I thought: That submarine is not a scientist from the small
fish who get inspired?
  to find out, I went to surf the Internet. Really not looking for do not know, a look
surprised! It is from the original fish in gill ventilation. Is there gill submarines? Fish
have air bags, are submarines have airbags?
  course not, go on submarines that carry oxygen, just as the moon is not the same as
with oxygen, can not live inside the moon.
  submarine sank in the water, why do not go? What is the strength and small fish, like
the body lift? That is how the submarine down it? Original submarine has a storage
warehouse, and small fish, like air bags, when submarine to rise, the water through
pipes to the barn and the water discharge; submarine to sink when the water through
pipes to barn injection.
  submarine that was way ahead of it? A fan behind the original submarine force called
the row fan, when the submarine to move forward, as long as the start Philip fan on it.
Course down, they have exclusive power lifting fan speed can be adjusted down.
  hey! Nature is an amazing one observation from the animal will give you a
  Instructor: Hua Zhang Qin

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