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					Elephant Clouds clouds

 Pingliang clouds elephant

 look at clouds

 look at Cloud City Pingliang Railway Pingliang, Gansu Secondary Primary 三年级
一班 step Lantau
 fiber that day, my father and mother into the mountains looking at the scenery.

 green grass as I lay, watching the clouds of heaven. Wow! Strange shape of the
clouds good good ah! Flower in the picture like a sheep, tis like a camel, and shortly
also like an elephant. Soon, the sheep into a pig; elephant also fragmented into many
baby Aries. Have not had time to carefully determine the Nazhi more beautiful,
several flower cloud then together, fantastic. They were white like a wizard,
Comparative Study and Integration, and constantly change the look.

 look at changes for duān the clouds, I indulge in the valley.

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