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					Elderly mother, the elderly

 side of the elderly mother suddenly


 elderly Shandong Province 17 fourth-grade classes offering primary and secondary
color% Wing D% A Today, I accompanied my mother to go shopping, we take a
three-way car to go, otherwise I am happy, side to side view, side humming a song.
Suddenly, the car stopped, following a wheelchair, a quadriplegic for the elderly. The
old man dressed in ragged clothes and saw his face covered with wrinkles, suddenly,
everyone's eyes are focused in one place, the elderly he motionless.

 car suddenly starting up, I looked at the poor old man, tears keep a drum in the left. I
gently asked my mother, this ........., before I finished, my mother seems to understand
me a thought, said: The old man is not no home, but out of the sun. I looked at Mom
with a surprised look, I carefully thought: the elderly are being abandoned by their
children do? Or out of the sun ......... Suddenly, brakes, woke me.

 really mess my mind, untied!

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