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 child star in Hunan Province three schools, two Ban Yang Yixiong
 one day, God Jupiter King said: "The purpose of all animals hear, if anyone has
comments on their physical appearance, this can be put up, I will think of a way to

 monkey god king said: "The monkeys come, you first said you than with them, who
feel the most beautiful, are you satisfied with your image of me?"

 monkey replied: "My limbs perfect, looks far too impeccable, very satisfactorily. In
comparison, my bear brother looks clumsy, it is if I believe my words, this life is
probably not want to see the sight of. "

 At this time, the Bears came up limping, and everyone will admit that it looks weak,
and his Unexpectedly, it boasted its own appearance, while commenting on the
elephant, said to be too short tail, ears and they too, stupid body was simply no beauty
at all.

 honest elephant heard Powell's remarks, words earnestly replied: "In my aesthetic
perspectives, sea whale more than my fat."
% D % A small ant then cut in and said: organism is so small, and their ratio, I am but
a giant.

 mutual accusations of these animals in the palace, but no one is willing to say that
their evil, God Jupiter, the king had waved to them to step down.

 As these animals, we were at this point more obvious, look at other people's
performance, egg to pick out the bones; see their ugly is also their children and then
good. We will not tolerate tolerance but others, like wearing a pair of Bianse Jing.
Like the Almighty God give each of us took a hold things dalian, through the ages,
people used to hide their own shortcomings dalian back pocket, while the front left
pocket dress the shortcomings of others.

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