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					Ebony precious ebony

 collection of rare long ebony

  ebony Puyang City Experimental Primary School 3-5 SUN Weilin in a place far, far
away, there is a known far and wide The rich man, he likes all kinds of valuable
collection of treasures and all kinds of strange things.
  grand festival, and every month on the 8th, rich Gallery will open the door for us to
  went to a grand festival ---- can pull section, the day everyone would wear the most
beautiful clothes, jump pull to dance. Days, precisely on September 8, so collections
as usual opened the door, can enjoy the holiday cheer Dajiadoumang in, no one to
Gallery, which under the treasures on display in the cabinet can be happy.
  museum of fine art in particular, the most exciting, endlessly pulling violinist Chin,
dancers spinning frantically, Swallows kept at the highest point it can fly circled will
somersaults, like spinning wheels of small portraits , star Michael Jordan and Yao
Ming are constantly shooting. Only one thing did not move, it is a piece of ebony.
Because ebony is very precious, and variable. It is right to look like an angel, from the
left to see a young girl, from the front like a peacock, looking like an elephant from
behind, from a different point of view is different, so it can not move, stay stay lying
there. Because it does not move everyone to ignore it.
  Then, after a few years, war, war Gallery led by the U.S. military. Ebony and his
companions are transported to the United States, was placed in the museum, just a
pity that his companions are rotten. If you have a chance, you can also see the
museum piece of wood to the United States is commonly known as the chameleon of
the wood, it is because the opera also learned to listen to your body's way of
command, I learned that can dance!
  Teacher: What color
  wind reviews: Museum in a variety of wood carvings written lifelike action.
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