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					Eagle Teams Teams eagle

 Eagle Eagle Teams composed of

  Eagle clan Yongjing Primary 3 (1) Ban Tao Tan Guangtai
  deep in the jungle, there is a team of 10 female hawk eagle and five a team. 15 hawk
live in harmony, formed a clan formed by the 15 hawk, wild animals are afraid of
Zhezhi around the clan, they called the "Eagle clan."
  one day, the highest honor that Zhezhi Teams hurt their dignity, they form a "lion
clan" and they fight. Lions Teams by three lions and two lioness composition.
  that day, eagle chieftains received the Eagle external probe post a message, "Lions
Teams" ready to attack "Eagle Camp." He devised a plan: "Let the 4 Eagle set a Mai
Fuquan, send a female eagle to challenge them, they will send two quasi-lion siege to
her, the female eagle Mai Fuquan introduced them, and then four eagle jump Come
out to kill them both, and then, and they head on, so we lost 4 a female hawk eagle, so
that the remaining four male under the female eagle eggs a female egg, we are not at
least the loss, and they completely annihilated .
  plan to implement them in accordance with this, really let the enemy pines.
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