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									Doll doll next buttons

 button next doll was

 future doll

 future doll
 Jiangsu Province Suzhou Suzhou Xuguan Central Primary School Division 5 (3)
Shen favorite
 to the future, what will change doll is no exception.

 doll is the future of China's advanced soft plastic made her a meter, a pair of watery
eyes, like a clear spring, she wore the yellow dress. She will say would move, because
she had stomach cells and micro-high-energy small computer. Doll's dress with 5
different color buttons.

 hot summer, if you feel hot, the white button on the click, and then put the doll in his
arms, you feel the slightest cool.

 bleak winter, If you feel cold, you click the red button, baby will spit out hot air from
the mouth will make you feel as warm as spring.

 If you want to listen to songs, the press pink button. Doll belly storage with more
than 500 songs. For example, you want to listen to 300 songs, put this number to tell
her that this time, a beautiful, songs will pass your ears.

 If you're bored, you click the green button. Doll will be holding forth then spoke of
Chinese and foreign well-known story. "Little Red Riding Hood" <Swan
Lake> <Slipper>. . . . . .

 If you can not sleep at night, you click the yellow button, a magical song to you in
two minutes to fall asleep

 how, the future of toys doll? In the near future you will get her.

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