Dignity of the priceless dignity of the blind

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					Dignity of the priceless dignity of the blind

 priceless dignity of blind uncle

 priceless dignity of Xishan Primary School seven to five years, ZHAO Xue-ying
Last summer, my mother and I went to Guangzhou textbook Center books. That hot
sun, sweating our whole body heat. Book Center to the door, I heard not far from the
erhu came a melodious voice. Mom and I have been fascinated by the sound, walked
quickly to where the sound came walking erhu. I saw a blind uncle is dedicated to
pulling the erhu Although tired sweating may still pull the great joy. Many people
around the erhu is the wonderful sound of the enchanted. Blind uncle sitting next to a
able-bodied young man, is holding an iron bowl steady stream of people to the street
begging for money, even brazen to begging while walking along a pedestrian. Many
people dismissed him. Blind Big Plato completed a well-known "Traditional", many
people applauded and took out their money into blind uncle's bowl, I could not help
the vote by 5 dollars. Blind uncle bowl, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 1 yuan, and 100
dollars ... ... ...
 young man was compared to that of how small, and the blind obvious how great
uncle. I feel really strong and blind uncle. While the physical challenges, but
physically disabled, rather further residues. Almost desperate in his circumstances, he
did not choose selling their dignity to beg. But by their ability to survive with their
own hopes of labor. We are now perfectly healthy, more should study well and grow
up to become useful and happy life of people

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