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					Shepherd's Purse digging wild wild

 wild mother rivers Capsella

  dig dig wild wild
  Lake County Experimental Primary School has four classes% D% Ge Jun A
  Sunday at noon is my long-awaited day, because my mother took me to dig up wild
plants it! "Buzz" the door bell rang, I can not wait to open the door, three two dinner
is done, it took her mother's hand, holding a shovel, dashed toward the three flood
along the way, the flowers are so bright, willow is so fresh, so pure white clouds,
everything is so beautiful.
  third flood came, and I just-do, what to see what digging, as long as there is a bit like
a shepherd's purse, and large and small, dazzling all gather in my little basket. Under
the hot sun, I sweat. But still, ever, dug a basket, I am excited to talk to my mother,
wanted to give her a surprise. When I found my mother dug a little bit, can not help
them proud, elated, a Paixiong Fu said: "Look! I have buttoned up, it did not I
powerful." "Ha!" Mama laugh together, I Zhangerhuoshang puzzled. Mother said: "I
see you still leave it right, how much you dig weeds, did not know there is poison. Ha
ha ..." my mother repeated requests finally surrendered and promised to teach me
"secret." Said: "The general Capsella close to the ground, leaves no furry feeling, and
always a cluster of cluster growth." How many pieces finished dug me a look. I dug
one hand and a mother, bent over, eyes wide Di Liu Yuan, see a first hand feel, see if
it is close to the ground, Look carefully at the leaves have no hair, and then, and Mom
dug on another pair, looked and looked, did not spare the roots, when determined, I
Gongzhe Yao, Juezhuopigu, legs half bent, a force, fork into the soil to a shovel, and
then resorted to eating milk strength, force of will to root vegetables shovel out, "pa"
slamming, a mass of black mud unbiased crooked just hit my forehead, drew a burst
of laughing at her mother, also spoke: "absolutely, the world is a must, own eyes Yeah!
"" Well, I never look at you! "I have learned the lessons of earlier, will be flat shovel
to shovel into the soil, and then a little mention on the intact vegetables dug up. The
more I dug the more skilled and soon more than a mom. Just laugh at my mother has
come to worship me as a teacher, I ask to dig wild way miles!
  getting dark, we reluctantly left the three flood dismay, rewarding experience. The
next day we also package a tasty shepherd's purse dumplings. Aunt while they were
robbed of the light, they said: "It's delicious, so delicious!" I thought after listening to
the pleasant, than to drink a honey sweet ... ...
  Instructor: Tai Fung Kam

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