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									Dentist dental anesthetic

 dentist dental drill do not know of local anesthetic


 dentist, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Rail fourth grade (2)
Ban Lee Heng Hao
 2005 年 4 Friday, 8 Weather: Qing Zhuanyin


 because of my toothache gradually increased, my mother finally mind to come,
please leave a half-day, took me to the dentist.

  child came to clinic, a dental drill TV drama's sad and shrill screams and cries of the
commotion, I creep. You know, before I the only dental impression is a dental drill, a
file sub, a mass of bloody cotton ball fishy. Do not know how long wait, a nurse
called out: "146!" No way, I wound and bite the bullet and embarked on a "torture

 1 to the compartment, an "executioner" to command me in the "electric chair" and
sat down. Me to do so after a needle into me for help once the mouth, the bar under
the bar, is that anesthetics. But can a doctor forgot one thing: anesthetics should be
relief of pain, but does not know that anesthetics itself a major pain, the pain system
can be considered to pain?

 kick down the anesthetic, the chance to even look there is no cough, the doctor will
be right-handed enforcement of a dental drill, the left hand holding a nozzle,
two-pronged approach, a face I spray ether side cavities drilled holes in the above . I
do not know what stuff dug up from that hole, but my mother's face view, certainly
not very beautiful. Tooth surface, dentin, tooth capillaries dental drill ... ... until it
arrived on my nerves just give up. After digging, the doctor went, until she finally dug
the hole filled things. Cavities in her left shaking my right-huang, and made my tears.
Until she gave an order: "OK!" Until the end.

 After an uncomfortable procedure is completed, pay the money finished, the nurse
said: "Two weeks after the referral!" Ah? Would not you? Should return visit? I fly to
escape the general clinic ... ...

 Instructor: Wan Wang
 Submission :2005-5-221: 48:17
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