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									Cute dog cute sister

 lovely sister it's the same as

 cute dog

 cute dog
 Yongan Experimental Primary School 3 (6) Class Hsin-Yi Chen
 sister in my house, there is a lively and lovely dog.

  It is gray hair, round eyes, yo, the two ears the same as a fan to fan to fan, feet, four
black mats. Every meal, it left to see, right look, and it seems to be afraid of someone
like rob, and then finish the meal with relish. I once teased him play, it picked up,
scratched it at the foot of the cushion, it immediately jumped down from my hand
shouting. Once, my sister it's front foot erected, to make it like people jumping around,
and sure enough, it is immediately pushed her sister, learning to get to its sister like
jumping around, amused me laugh. Another time, my fingers stretched to it, it jumped
up, I received too slowly, almost make it bite the fingers.

 sister is a lovely dog ah!

 Instructor: Dr Chuan-Yin

 Submission :2005-1-2414: 03:16
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