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Cute cute little guitar by fdjerue7eeu


									Cute little guitar cute

 cute one of its ears,

 cute little Ji
 sweet little Kat
 11 primary group of Huang Jing

  My family has a dog, its name called the Little Kyrgyzstan, it is very cute. "Wang
Wang Wang", this little Kat really sharp ears, but also shy too!
  little Kat's ear as acute triangle, erect ears when it came, that was just awe-inspiring;
its eyes shed tears, as long as I put my hand kept in its eyes for a while, then fell
asleep; its nose and mouth can be really naughty, Tian Tian, the mouth here, and then
rub his nose about, the degree of nausea without saying; Little Kid hair is very soft, in
addition to the hair on his head a little bit yellow, the rest are here for a black hair,
where a white. Kat looks like a small and exquisite small bench. Once, I took it out to
play, people still ask me this is a cat or a dog too!
  Do not look at it a small, pretty fierce temper.
  once, I Kokichi walk. It saw a dog missing a paw, it went over. It is first carefully
observed some. Then, turn the dog around. Accidentally took the dog, resorted to the "
九阴白骨爪." The dog to be outdone, resorted to the "降龙十八掌." They were both
with par. Then the two Buddha - master them apart.
  Little Kat has a sleep like dead pigs, and I shook it Akira it, it opened a crack, then
seal up. I picked up a small Kyrgyzstan paw, teach it to do morning exercises it!
  I the little good behavior, Kyrgyzstan, which were born just a few months but the
hybrid Chihuahua Oh! Got it all, fast to buy a cute puppy now!

 Teacher: Qiu Xu

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