Cute cute koala koala by fdjerue7eeu


									Koala Koala cute cute

 cute koala dad Australia

  father to travel to Australia brought me a koala toy . When the father taken out from
the bag in, I was look cute koala that attracted, they must hand it in his arms, his face
close to it lightly hairy body, and so is Koala I put it down.
  koala with a pair of hairy, gray-phase embedded in the large ears, a pair of round ball
like a glass-like eyes, nose, mouth next to black, and shapes, like the parrot's mouth is
no hook.
  night when I always hold it. Once, I had a dream, dream it climbed on me, tongue
licking my face.
  because I like the koala, so I asked my father tell me something. Dad, after a brief
introduction, I see the animal books, know the koala gentle temperament, which lives
in Australia, living in the trees year round. Koala Koala called, meaning "no drink
animal", it can from fresh eucalyptus leaves to obtain sufficient water.
  cute koala, it is like to love pandas. I love pandas, love koalas.

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