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 cover covers bunny peach

 cover covers the new school year Daqing Qing Miao three shifts a day in small
rabbit market, bought a big basket of sweet peaches, he wanted to bring her
grandmother to taste.
 rabbit and a happy way to the grandmother of the road, suddenly he was a thing Pan
down, pain he only grin, peaches are spread over the floor. He looked down and did
not cover the original is a manhole cover, the well water is dirty foul smell is awful.
Rabbit scaring one's perspiration, it wants to: "This is too dangerous, and if other
small animals which fell down to, is not alive to drown Yeah! No, I want it covered."
 Well cover is very heavy, little rabbit would take a great of difficulty that it covered,
then, it will be carefully picked up the scattered peaches, they happily walked up to
 Teacher: Zhang Qing Mei

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