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 cousin home drowning pool

  I returned home during the summer, my hometown in Sichuan Luzhou.
  day of, cousin to my house to play, because the hot, we so want to go to a garden
pond splashing. Exactly the same identity-year-old cousin, and cousin to the idea I
told Who Loved our Sanjiu, Sanjiu said: "Well, but all must listen to me, and if falling
into a small pond, it will be wet clothes of ... ... "I and my cousin pulled out of the San
  Stick 'em into the water the three of us sat in the pool singing. Do you know what we
sing it? Ha! We sang: "Let us Dangqi feet, little feet pushing waves ... ..."
  "splash" pool go sit cousin, and her small pond 60 cm deep sat in a daze, then I told
her to climb out of a small pond. I saw her first one foot resting on the pool side,
grasp the edge of the pool, like a turtle crawling out of the same. I met with San Jiu
laugh. Then we go home to help his cousin for his pants.
  Well, since adults must listen to the words ah!
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