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Country Music Country aunt


									Country Music Country aunt

 rural village in Xining aunt

 country music country music
 Xicheng, Beijing Normal Primary 三年级一班 listen Chen Xu

  This summer, my mother and I take the train to the ancient city of Xining. We play a
few days in Xining, I went to a rural.
  I went to the local 或 No Luojiazhai, it is the outskirts of Xining.
  day I and uncle, aunt, got up very early, well prepared to leave for the countryside.
We bring a sun hat and drinking water, first take 107 bus to the terminal, and then my
aunt's brother received a car of our Wangjiazhai. A great day sun, the weather was
very hot, but I insisted to go there, because I was the first time to the rural highlands.
Many rural mountain, water is a lot of ground wheat is high, almost certain, and my
  we first my aunt's aunt's house to play, I saw a tree in the yard, with blossoms of red
berries. So I ate and aunt with the cherry. Some sour cherry trees, some sweet, but I
think that is delicious, eat in Beijing is not so fresh. Then I and aunt's house together,
take the nets and buckets to the river to catch fish up.
  It is a wide and long river, the river is very rapid, uncle, when they lower river,
everyone took a stick to measure how deep the water. They chose a few more to go to
catch fish shallow, and I stood on the shore watching. Uncle to spread the nets into the
river, let us throw in the net next to the stone, rushed to net the fish go, aunt, brother,
also with a wooden paddle in the side of the fish running around scared. Fish into nets,
the uncle to quickly close the network, so we caught a lot of fish, including some of
the especially large, and I hand than the ratio of almost 50 cm long. I think that
catching fish is very interesting.
  finished catching fish, we went to a picnic on the grass. After a child, aunt, niece said
to me: "You do not go to spring?" I said okay. We walked along the river to a small
hill, we found that water flowing down from above, we are happy to climb, finally
found a pile of random rock crevices spring. We quickly surrounded it up, then with a
bottle to drink spring water. Spring is very clear, cool, special drink.
  down the hill, I accidentally stepped on a pit. My shoes are dirty, they said to me: "to
the river wash it." Finish, we went to red shoes. To the river, we started playing
splashing water, and all you throwing me, I sprinkle you, everybody was throwing
water Linlin, but we are very happy ... ...
  at home, I have been tired , but I spent a happy day in rural areas!

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