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									Colorful campus in the Campus

 colorful campus in Zhabei A

 colorful campus

 colorful campus
 section of Shanghai Zhabei District 1 Central Primary School 3 (8) Ban GUO Yuan
 flowers, trees, sunshine, and the crowd ... ... everything is so lively, so the beaming,
which is gathering? Or anniversary? No, not that it was our first center in Zhabei
District, the first time primary school students came to the Singapore exchange study
destinations - Singapore and Stamford Primary School.

 light footsteps marching toward my school, saw the school was a thin layer of fog
enveloped the spring. It beckons us forward flowers all year round green pine trees
are dripping on us smiling, garden phlox is also opening a pink smile, is to meet with
us, really like a piece rouge, and like Fireballs Yunxia ... ...

  I thought that, since the beginning of Stanford's school, learning English will make
all my school life a pale, dull, monotonous, but the colorful campus, the diversity of
life to tell me: "My idea is exactly the mistake."

 class, There's plenty of fun, listening to tire of laughter. Classroom atmosphere filled
with joy, laughter rang through the crisp quiet of the campus. Who would believe, we
are classes then?

 Every afternoon, some students in our class, because Singapore has come from
various nations, such as: Malaysia, China and India. The students also carried out a
variety of sports playground. They have plenty of time to carry out a variety of

 learning exchange in Singapore, which ten days, I and Singapore students with the
kind of joy and pleasure when the heart is unable to use language to express.
Impressed me most was that the children go to school hall and a farewell party in
Singapore. Day, we put the Singapore race clothes. Shao Zheng put is a set of students
sent by the Malay ethnic clothing, set of clothes is a purple and white. When Shao
Zheng Huanhaoyifu stood before me, I almost did not recognize her, saw her body
granted a lavender scarf, just like a pure Malay girl. My partner gave me a set of
Vietnamese clothing, it is a fire red cheongsam that color as I was feeling. "The next
program is the first center in Zhabei District, Shanghai, China Primary School 3 (8)
class of students to perform." We took the stage with six students, we are well
prepared to sing a song in English song, when we had just finished performing , the
audience applauded the students, followed by Singapore, the children also performed
a wonderful show. Singing, applause after another, among the beautiful melody,
everyone was filled with bright smiles.

 Today is the last day in Singapore, I walked on campus, we should think of parting
scene, hearts filled with inexplicable pain, my new friends, hopefully meet again.

 colorful woven campus youth dream: warm red, orange honest, tender yellow, green
hope, the vitality of green, blue, calm and brilliant purple. Dream of two children with
colorful colorful campus plotted; with brilliant colors, paint a beautiful future filled
gaps in each house of childhood. Colorful campus, burning our dreams. At the same
blue sky, we and Singapore and the children who share the hope!

 primary school life in Singapore, like Stanford, rainbow-like colorful, dazzling like a
sunset-like. I Aisitanfu primary school! I love the fun of the Stanford school of life!
 Supervisor: Zhu Lin

 Submission :2004-4-149: 31:09
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