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 Closing the classroom their own moment

 Closing ceremony

 Closing ceremony
 Zhejiang Huangyan Ning Town Centre Primary School 3 (1) Wong Chi-Yu
 Closing ceremony today.

 early morning, early in the morning I went to school. Hey! Classroom were so many
people. Them than I had. I went to his seat,

  finished school, seriously for reading. Soon, Wang walked into the classroom. Wang
saw the "Report List" hair down. Students read their own results, look, Chao-Jie Wang
laughed, Xiang-Yu Wang pleased to say, "Great!" Liao super silent, looking at results.
After a child, Wang started rating "three good students" and "positive elements" of the.
I am very nervous, I can not comment on it? If unsuccessful, and my squad leader of
the "throne" have to make way for the.

 "Huang Chi-yu!"

 "Chao-Jie Wang!"

 ... ...

 I am a, glad to Looking around, he found that many students looked at me with
envious eyes. I think he is the happiest person in the world. The next few
competitions, I always regarded as such, are a number of prizes. I think this semester's
sweat finally paid off.

 This is called "have to pay, there are rewards."

 Instructor: Huang Xueqin

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