Cloning crow crow grandfather by fdjerue7eeu


									Cloning crow crow grandfather

 grandfather has been cloned crow

 clone crow

 crow clones of Inner Mongolia Electric Urals Wulateqianqi factory children in fifth
grade Wang Jing Yao
 in a quiet night, I thought the scene was wounded crow gradually fell asleep.

 I walked in a dirty, smelly streets, the streets deserted, then, I found that a
grandfather was lying on the ground groaning, I went over there, who grandfather on I
said: "Boy, we here have been something rotten occupation, I am infected by the
germ." I said: "Here's the crow? Are you not a crow you here?" grandfather said:
"There was However, almost all were killed in recent years, and not death also fly to
somewhere else, I just want you to be able to crow to come back to where things all
clean corrosion inside out, eliminating light, to restore peace and beauty of the
original . "

 I listened to grandfather, then ran over to the woods to look for crows, I searched
through the entire forest, finally found a broken leg in crow, however, it has been
dying, I pity to put it in my hands, tell it to look forward to their grandfather, a small
crow in tears, struggling to shake its wings a bit, it seems like Jumping, there seems to
be complaints, it is so silent in the death of my palm of your hand.

  I was his dream to Xiaxing, but there are always tears of small crow in front of me
float around, I think killing those who are greedy, for a moment the mouth delicious,
but also In continuation with the killing of the crow. If one day the crow really
perished in the world, that world would be like? I play a cold war, can not think of
anything more.

  man ah! Protection crow it! Although it looks ugly, long, very black, but it is
promising exclusive loss of corruption of human good heart, is a human friend ah. It
is not always the "we and the animals are friends," so often talked about it? Why not
keep their promises, but with the promise opposite way?
  Instructor: Yang Rongguang

 Submission :2003-5-2922: 52:27
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