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 charity event for schools,

  charity event in Hangzhou 3 Dunzhen Central Primary School 406 class Zhou Wen
Zhe annual anniversary to learn from Lei Feng, In order to carry forward the spirit of
Lei, and to improve the quality of the students in mind, we in turn hold a charity
bazaar school activities.
  "Mom, I Pushing 'flying through space' car? It sticks 'is constantly changing' t it?
There was the fairy tale books? ... ..." A while, my mother helped me to find out a lot
usually I favorite toys, I carefully selected, and finally selected six items to school to
take part in charity.
  wow! Today the school's playground into a street friends. Here is the baby toys
Street, there are various styles such as new toys you choose; here is colorful fruits
Street, there are a variety of colors to be tempting you to taste the fruit; here is crazy
Recreation Street, there are many games you play; Here is the stationery books Street,
let you wander the ocean of knowledge. However, the number of saliva to the most
popular snack Street.
  Look! Dazzling array of food filled with various stalls, the whole street usurp the
heads move, cries, bargain voice, ears, really hot topic. I became one of the sales pitch.
"Come ah! OUR limited discount, now or never." I tore my voice, loud cry. Suddenly,
a large group of students went straight to our booth, "crazy" panic buying, sales were
overwhelmed, I wish I could grow to superhuman powers. A while down, our turnover
was more than the 100 yuan. Suddenly, I thought a good way - "soliciting." I try my
rhetoric, "the temptation to" a dozen teachers to our booth shopping. This in turn
increased our sales a lot. In the end, our class had a total turnover of 333.1 yuan.
  charity event finally ended, we gave a loving, promote friendship between the
students, but also deepened the feelings between teachers and students.

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