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 text into mountain gorge some

  Canyon View Gallery
  text county benefits Experimental Primary School three quarters of philosophy is
often said: "There is heaven, under the Suzhou and Hangzhou. "Yet I feel that for
talent is a good place for tourism. Text into the mountains high, risk, Jun, Wen Cheng
of the clear water, shows the United States, in particular, Canyon View Gallery.
  canyon view the most spectacular mountain corridor. Hill rolling, heavy piles.
Strange shapes of the peaks: some peaks towering clouds straight, like a mighty giant,
with the first Shijin withstand days; some peaks like a cylinder, pressing a large stone
is flat, as if a cut butter cake; there are very steep mountain, like a large green barriers,
protection of the mountain after the animals and plants. Spring flowers, the valley is
full of red azaleas, against the backdrop of the trees, really, "mountain azalea the
  Canyon View Gallery clear cool water. Ching was able to find Tandi leaves, even the
water of the pebbles are 历历可数. Some are round, some flat, some are red, some
brown, some yellow egg ... ... is really all shapes and colorful. Water fish from time to
time to play with the happy, sometimes leaping out of the water, like say hello to the
visitors show. Colorful lake. Fine weather, the water off in the golden sun shining, as
if the lake spilled a lot of coins; evening sunset, the water was dyed orange and red
like. Surface calm, the lake is like a big mirror, a distance of mountains, collect all the
grass near lake. The beauty here do not know how many visitors it attracts!
  This is a beautiful canyon view corridor, this is our culture into the canyon landscape

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