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 bubble on campus watching the World

 Bubble World

 bubble in the world, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Ping Town, Longgang
District, the first four primary schools (2) Class Juan
 recent campus blowing bubbles rife. Between classes, students like the extra duty of
birds out of the classroom, go into the hallway, the playground. Soon to float around
the campus on the bubble, the entire campus into colorful bubble world.

 I looked at the color bubbles flying sky, heart itch, and would also like to add to this
colorful world a little luster. So I bought a bottle of "color bubble", learning to blow
up. Because I was the first time blowing bubbles, not force. Spoon in front of a mouth
blown vesicles, in addition to a small drop of water falling outside of nothing. I ask
the fellow how it was. He told me that you may be using too much force. I look
carefully to see how the blowing companion. Look, and play, and then pondering
pondering. This carefully, and slowly I have a lot a lot of bubble blowing. Bubble
watch from his spoon fly out of a string of colored bulbs, I was very happy ah!

 look at instance, the flying bubble, I think the knowledge of the world as marvelous
as bubbles. I suddenly remembered the old woman said the village with the words: as
long as the effort of deep, iron bars, ground into a needle.

 Instructor: Peng Zhongcheng

 Submission :2004-6-159: 11:45
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