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 bubble to its name a while

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  Chassi Primary 3 (1) Bin-Bin Liu% D % A
  day, I blow a small bubble with brilliance. Give it a name - color snowy. Know why
I give it this name? Because it is my best blowing a small bubble. Appearance while
red, while yellow, while blue, while purple is the color. Within the white is whiter
than snow, like a bubble princess happy dance by the breeze, I looked at looked and
felt on the fairy tale world, the more beautiful! Hey, you may not know, I have a small
detail I forgot to tell you: this bubble unusual, but also made trips. It is a straw from
my pop out on his sister's car sitting in the wind to heaven to play, soon no
disappeared, disappeared in the blue sea of clouds. It never came back, I had to blow a
new bubble. Happened this time, the wind with little bubbles sister has gone home. I
certainly hope that it will not go wild with joy. I immediately blow it gently into the
house, should it stay, but it also died soon bombed, became a bunch of bubble
fireworks ...
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