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 friend's computer coloring book,

 Book - My friends

  book - I friends
  Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan City, Chongren Road Primary School 3 (6)
Class Luo Sijia
  You will be in the computer draw? A few days ago, mathematics teachers arranged a
job, go home to draw a clock face. I got home to open the computer to concentrate on
drawing up and consisted of less than 5 minutes the surface of the drawing. You see, it
would only like Mickey Mouse ears as lovely, I was trying to safe painted black, can
be inverted to fill a barrel, the whole site turned into a black screen, I tried several
times, the results so, how should we do?
  Friday, I was on the books in the school classes, day in choosing books, accidentally
discovered my computer supernatural series, I took a writing and painting, to get
hungry after I read the book up When the turn "should be like drawing," when I was
immediately attracted, saying the book which impressed me, "the use drawing
painting should be optimistic about each line is completely closed, if there are gaps to
be filled before painting it. "I finally resolved the day before yesterday, when at home,
coloring problems, back home I also made a" mirage. " Really like the book as written,
and I never had to worry about coloring.
  Through this practice, I finally understand the "book, house of gold", the book
hidden in the unknown number of your knowledge, read more books, must also love
the book, the book knowledge into your own, so that books become indispensable in
our life friends!

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