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Bitch bitch Pinghu by fdjerue7eeu


									Bitch bitch Pinghu

 bitch Pinghu Center


 Pinghu Zhapu Town Central Primary School 3 (4) Ban Wang Yi-wen
 class I have a little white face, because of her long white, so we called her bitch.

 remember a few days before the Games opened, athletes practice every day in the
sun, the sun each black athletes, like a roasted only after the piglets, especially the
small white face, sun most black, it was because she had very white, so in the sun, it
becomes very dark, very dark the other students who, so After drying, it can not tell,
but now she has turned white.

 ah! I really want to bitch Yeah! Can not do that.

 Instructor: Chunhua

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