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					Birthday birthday bunny rabbits

 little bunny rabbit birthday birthday

 bunny birthday, Yuzhong District, four schools in the 3.1 Liu Meiyu birthday soon
rabbits, and rabbits Mother rabbits do a big cake for my birthday. Rabbits like to open
a birthday party, it requested the ponies, kittens, puppies, there are ducklings.
 time passed day by day, a few days later, the rabbit's birthday to. That morning, early,
small rabbit stood in the door, waiting for its friends to its birthday party. And so on
for a while, the first to the kittens, rabbits, said: "cat, welcome you to my birthday
party." Rabbits please kitten into the house. After a child, dog, pony, small ducks have
come in the rabbits one by one the friends are admitted at the house, warm hospitality
 moment later, the rabbit out of his mother from the kitchen, her hand, carrying a
pretty big cake! Small animals are so greedy that saliva must flow out. White Rabbit
said: "Mom, this cake too much, we all ate could not finish it!" Rabbit mother said:
"the cake is divided into 50 now!" Can be a small rabbit, said: "50 is too much a.
"Dog:" still divided into 25 now! that not less than half that? "White Rabbit, said:" or
too much, or be divided into five it. "We are in favor of small animals . Mother rabbits
was divided into five cakes, small animals soon finished the cake. Everyone says that
rabbits are very clever, if not eat into 50 finish it?
 You say, small animals brains yet?

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