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Bird_ fly_ Bird cage


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									Bird, fly! Bird cage

 bird cage outside the window of forest

 little bird, fly!

 little bird, fly!
 Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Bao'an District, Shenzhen Kin Primary School
4 (3) Class Scientific and Technological Management
 I domesticated a beautiful bird, every day, "Jiji, Cha-cha" to sing non-stop mildly
sweet song. I always thought that the birds are happy, very happy.

 one day, a few birds are, "Jiji, Cha-cha" in saying something, I crept to take a look at
the past turned out to be a bird flying out the window and the cage is birds dialogue.

  window of the white bird with a tone of envy said: "The bird man, you be nice ah,
living in such a beautiful house, more comfortable."

 bird cage, said: "You only comfortable, could you live in a beautiful large forest, free
to fly, but I kept in a cage all day, and more boring ah."

 bird outside the window, said angrily: "Forest? abominable human already chopped
down the forests, we have been left homeless, many companions almost starved to

 Here, the birds, "ooo, ooo" to cry.

  yes ah, we humans continue to cut down trees, destroying the environment, causing
soil erosion, deforestation, extinction of rare animals, plants phenomenon of
large-scale felling of trees and then, if human, the Earth will be 4.5 million species
extinctions, flooding the spread of deserts will continue to expand the living
environment of mankind will be much worse. This will be horrible ah!

  I can not think anymore, is ah, animals should have their freedom, their happiness,
they need air, need to fly. Thought of this, I opened the cage, the bird said: "bird, you
fly! To find your beautiful home bar!"

 Submission :2003-4-9
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