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									Beijing Forbidden City in Beijing where

 Beijing Forbidden City where emperors

 Beijing's Forbidden City in Beijing

 Forbidden City, Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao is the first experiment, primary four
Dragon classes Li Runtong

 summer vacation, my family went to Beijing to play. That morning, we start early,
breakfast in Beijing, we went to the Forbidden City.
 Palace of the Forbidden City is what we often said, is the imperial palace in Ming
and Qing dynasties, is the most complete ancient Chinese architecture.
 tour the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square can enter as well as by the back door -
Shenwu Men into. We have advanced from the Tiananmen Square, across a square,
the Forbidden City's main entrance will be reached, that is, Meridian Gate, we often
see on television the emperor ordered the beheading of the Minister launched the
Meridian Gate, which is the Meridian Gate of the. After over Meridian Gate is the
Golden Water Bridge, and cross the bridge by the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the
third hall.
 three halls are: Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, Hall of
Preserving Harmony. Hall of Supreme Harmony is the emperor ascended the throne, it
held a wedding ceremony where a major; in and the house is a major ceremony before
the emperor at rest and accept the place of worship; of Preserving Harmony is the
place where the emperor Ci Yan and the palace examination.
 next step is where the Emperor lives, such as Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall AC
Thai, Kunning Gong. Emperor Palace of Heavenly Purity is a place to live and
processing services, cross-Thai Temple is the canonization of Queen and the Queen's
birthday are held here, Kunning Gong is the Queen's residence. Remove the three
palaces, there are east and west sides of the East and West Palaces Palaces, is that we
often hear, "Sannomiya six homes."
 to make things, listen to tour guide, on behalf of Palace of Heavenly Purity of dry
days, the Kun Kun Ninggong representatives, the day together is rather clear in
meaning. National Palace Museum houses a 9999, each door is also copper doornail
anyway 9. 9 homophone for "a long time", meaning "permanent" means, so it means
that country last forever.
 Finally, by the back door - Shenwu Men come out, "Palace Museum" in large letters
carved in the door. This is the ancient working people, with 15 years to build the
majestic, magnificent palaces.

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