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									Yuntaishan beautiful stone beautiful

 beautiful Taishan has stone

 beautiful Yuntaishan
 beautiful rainbow Yuntaishan
 fourth-grade class Zhao Hui

  beautiful summer came around again, of course, the ideal summer vacation travel.
  My mother and father with the ride, and began our journey. Speeding car on the
highway with. Meng retreat back out of window. Blink of an eye, two hours passed.
Cars enter the Henan province. For the first time I was very happy to remain silent.
Some people had to sleep, and my eyes are keeping a close eye out the window, so
that the brain memory, this beautiful moment. Trek through the day, we have reached
the Jiaozuo, this time, it is four o'clock.
  well-known attractions Hong Danxia Yuntaishan has come. Hong Danxia stone in
iron, it turned red. After years of weathering on the stone, has given birth to the edges
and corners. Hong Shixia small bridges, bridge full of waterfalls, high to low, large
and small. Crystal clear water, but also to see a foot long red carp too! This is really
paradise on earth shuiliandong ah! Some of the stone path to the waterfall rain curtain
in the drill to drill, very interesting. Even more interesting is that in the side of the
cliff, actually bears a woman dressed in Tang Dynasty costumes, playing musical
instruments in hand. This is not artificial, but natural formation. People call her the
"Red Female Figure." Piece of stone walls next to a waterfall. Waterfall long
compared with the Huangguoshu Falls. From the Gap overlooking the gorge in
addition, we saw trees everywhere, not reveal a bare stone. Some people cry loud and
listen to the echo. Some people frolic in the water. Some people catch the butterflies.
Some people in the dodge bees. I really want to spend a few days here. Then after
dinner, we returned to the hotel.
  morning, the weather was clear and sunny, the most suitable for mountain climbing.
So, we crossed the 24 9 18 cave bend formed Diecai hole, then around a few 180
degree turn, then to the cornel peak.
  morning mist-shrouded peak strain dogwood, added a fraction more fairy-like
mystery. At this time, impatient, I could not help myself. Rushing rushing to catch up,
and my mother worried about me, and hurry to rush in behind the chase. Some
straight up the stairs, while others are slowly climbing. Tired, and then endure a
forbearance. Thirsty, then swallow Yankou Shui. Eye sore, then take a look at scenery.
To breathe, and then roar down the hill TWO. After 40 minutes of effort, finally climb
the mountain. Yeah really hard work pays off, looked down the hill, a white, nothing.
Occasionally feel a little dizzy. Very quiet mountains. Can hear the crisp birds singing,
cicadas sounds proud. "Twitter" "cicada cicada" It's not loud language, fear of shaking
the Master. There is a sacred hilltop palace. We worship the Buddha finished, they
laugh way down the mountain. After dinner, we started the afternoon journey.
  afternoon of hot weather. We have chosen to small Dazhaigou. Dazhaigou is a cool
little valley. We will not hesitate to go in now. Inside there is a small waterfall after
another, and a large waterfall, all are beautiful. Which I think, "Ah," the word most
beautiful waterfall. The top split in two small water falls rushing down, two getting
into the water washed down, and finally merging with the flow down. Because the
waterfall is shaped like the Chinese character "Ah," the English "y". So called "Ah,"
the word waterfall, also known as "y" word waterfall. I am also not old spring in the
neighborhood the way, some water, good longevity it! Gone half an hour. To Great
Falls, saw ten-meter-wide column of water fell from the sky, shining. Able to see this
waterfall, I've been looking forward ah have to say! Falls are generally not water. Just
a few days ago under a few heavy rain, waterfalls before 8:00 last night on the down
from the cliffs. I see in front of excited to go waterfall, indulge to allow water to
splash wet clothes.
  moment, an issue before us, in the end about going old Lake ditch it. Not, will not
see the spectacular waterfall of days. Go back and forth to go 6000 meters. Finally
chosen to go. Cliffs along the way everywhere. Many colorful street open flower.
Known, no names are beautiful. After half an hour, day to waterfall. I saw drop 318
meters of the day falls from heaven, the loud rumbling sound of earth-shaking,
deafening. I saw the water straight from the 300 m cliffs on the pool, if the elephant
standing in a waterfall, Zhi Buding can withstand the pressure of this great and fierce
it! To say that China's widest waterfall should be Huangguoshu waterfall. But to ask
what the highest, that is displayed in front of a waterfall of days. Li Baiyun: "sunshine
incense Health Zi Yan, very thick waterfall hanging Maekawa. Waterfalls three
thousand feet, down suspected Galaxy nine days."
  Well, all good things come to feast. We go home. Riding car, I want to see
Yuntaishan a scrambling, but also helpless. At this point, the scene in front when it did
not come to Mo beautiful.


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