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					Beautiful beautiful classroom classroom

 beautiful room above the students

 beautiful classroom

  beautiful classroom
  Lixia Jinan City, Shandong Province Experimental Primary School 3. (3) Song Yan
  second floor of our classroom, the classroom is the front of the blackboard, the
teacher had written on the knowledge, let us know how many of the truth in life, but
he himself has become white Flower of the.

 rating bar to the right of the wall and display field. Rating bar close to the students
pictures of the back of each photo are close to some small signs. The bar is a sign
showing the works of students. They have a bright window, middle, light blue
window curtains hung on both sides.

 window on the left stood a wide variety of books, the "life world", "Three Character
Classic," and so on. Is to let students know more knowledge of the place.

 book corner next to a wide variety of flowers. Pink chrysanthemums, dark green
cactus, some not by name of the plant.

 look at anything beyond that is the blackboard, and draw pictures of some of the
paintings on the environment, but also posted some Shouchao Bao. Blackboard read:
"unity, hard work, civilized, disciplined," This is school spirit.

 Hey, Keep it down now to class ... .....

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