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 beautiful bamboo Huaian City,

 beautiful bamboo

 beautiful bamboo
 gold Huaian City Lake County Lake County Experimental Primary School 4 (4)
Class Li-chiao
 Lake Middle School campus has a beautiful new bamboo, which is located in the
southwest corner of campus.

 bamboo forest and evergreen, from afar, surrounded by dense bamboo together, like
a green palace, against the background in blue and white ground, seems more vibrant.

  closer inspection of bamboo are hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, interlaced
branches, leaf with cover, wind blowing, they will be whirling dance, from time to
time "imperfections" of the sound, like the spring silkworm chewing leaf, and like a

  into the bamboo forest, walking in the forest covered with fallen leaves on footpaths,
as in walking through the green mist, it seems to step on the carpet, soft, and feels

 new U.S. gold in the bamboo really ah!

 Supervisor: Gong Hongmei

 Submission :2004-5-3111: 14:41
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