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Beat cancer cancer country


									Beat cancer cancer Jiangshan

 country against cancer primary

 fight cancer

 fight cancer Jiangshan Jiangshan Jiefang Road Primary School 4 (5 ) Ban Cheng Ka
 I was a cancer patient. What, you do not believe? Let me tell you is how you know.

 disease of the day is a very ordinary day, I - just read a kindergarten child, was home
in the living room playing with blocks. Mother? The kitchen for busy this busy that I
have. Suddenly the phone side I found a "treasure" - a shining golden light of the
Pentagon coins. I said nothing, one tightly in their hands and told her mother, a voice:
"I went out to play it!" They excitedly rushed next door to shop. I found using the
"treasure" bought a bag of fragrant and brittle, "miliary flowers." Ah, so tasty. This is
a secret, I would never tell my mother's. Although I was afraid that night to see my
mother's eyes.

  spread of cancer is also in unconsciously. Every day I have to phone home side a
glance, but for a few days, "Treasure" did not appear. Suddenly an idea to take out my
mother's bag is not a big "treasure" it? Finally, that "wonderful crisp corner" the
temptation to make my hand into her mother's handbag. Started several times, the
heart is always jumping all night. Gradually, hey! It's that habit.

  cancer treatment is started from the first grade, my mother finally found the secret.
Gosh, good thing I clever, that is the first time. How her mother did not call me, just
tell me a lot. What is "to be honest, can not take other people's things ... ..." I did not
take other people's things we ought to, I know that taking other people's stuff is called
the "steal" (because the teacher talked about). I just quit it, I get the home, and

 finally, in the second grade, when I expand to five-extraction, the mother moved
hand, but mother was playing hurt, although the night I'm scared to tears incessantly.
But two weeks later, I saw, "Shang Hao Jia," waving to me in the store. When I
secretly (and not secretly Oh) removed from the mother coat of point "treasure", I
then burst of joy.

 major operation has finally arrived. Day, I quietly opened the mother does not care a
bag on the sofa, taking a 10 yuan, immediately stuffed bag. Haha, tomorrow another
kebab eating. But not proud of how long, my mother discovered a bag inside the less
money that night for me was great raid, the natural secret was discovered, this time
mom is really fat, fire, and taking a bamboo hit a ball in my hands and legs. I am
sobbing for mercy, but mother was really bent, start with more and more ruthless, I do,
legs intertwined with a red line, there is a small bubble. Really does it hurt, pain I do
not even wear shorts too, the pain in my heart chattered, I shall never forget.

  The next day, my mother told me the secret of the teacher. I stretches shame. Science
teacher and I have talked many, many, let me read many many books. I finally
understand that I had had cancer, the terrible spirit of the cancer! I almost destroyed it
in under the magic.

 believe me, I was a cancer patient, but now I can proudly tell you, I have overcome
the spirit of the cancer!

 Submission :2003-5-4
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