Bear Bear Bebe Bebe by fdjerue7eeu


									Bear Justin Bear Justin

 Bear Beibeisenlin their

 Bear Babe

 Bear Babe Zibo City, Shandong Province Zhang shop area of peace Primary 三年级
一班 Yang Wenjia
 In the past, in a great forest there lived a bear Bebe. They have five people at home,
namely, father, mother, sister, brother, at least some of Bear Babe.

 One day, Babe to play a large forest, which saw a very nice butterfly, Babe on the
recovery ah chasing a butterfly the Babe brought to a strange place, and then butterfly
disappeared, Babe found himself lost his way, sitting on a large stone to cry, then a
small monkey heard Justin was crying and rushed over and asked how it happened,
and told Babe it. After listening to the little monkey at home to tell them the direction
of Justin, Justin was delighted to go back. Babe walked, suddenly met with an floral
smell, Babe looked down look, wow! Ah so many beautiful flowers! Beibei overjoyed,
we picked several flower the most beautiful, most fragrant flowers in his beloved hats,
her hand holding one, and then happily returned home.

 today, Babe having a good time.

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