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									Barbie nurse nurse patient

 Barbie nurses SARS patients

 Barbie nurses

  Barbie nurses in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi University of
Technology school to 3 grade class WANG Yi Zhen
  Barbie doll has a very kind heart. One day, a kind of hometown people get called
"atypical pneumonia" illness. Once spread throughout the city, Barbie dolls see many
patients die in pain, heart sad. So, she entered a large hospital as nurses. Time, Barbie
nurse to the children who suffered from SARS sewing cloth bear, accidentally stabbed
his hand, blood dripping onto children's shoulders, the children's illness immediately
recovered. Barbie thought: "If my blood drip to patients each, then each SARS patient
is not able to leave the magic of entanglement dead yet?" So she scratched with a
knife, fingers, let the blood drip bit by bit the patient's body. A few days, good Barbie
on the fell, her last words before dying: "With my life in exchange for one more
human life is worth it." Although Barbie is dead, but her it kind of laid down his life
to save people's spirit will always live in our hearts.

 Instructor: Wei Yufang

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