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 barber in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, home school three Pu ( 2) Ban
Jin Yiwen

 Today is the Sunday, the next day drizzle. I went to grandma to play. Grandmother
said: "Today take you hair, okay?" I said slowly: "Well." We went to the barbershop.

 to the barber shop, to see other people's hair cut, I can not wait ran out of barber
shops. But the teacher said Xue my hair too long, will also affect learning, I have only
reluctantly must sell the hair short, and there was really no way to grandmother's aunt
on the barber shop, said: "Give me a little granddaughter cut short." I dawdle to get on
the barber chair, the aunt quickly, 三下五除二 put my hair short, my hair like
gangbusters, like the down fall is that I was a bit sad really. In an instant, my hair
would cut better.

 on the way home, I leaped on the grandma said: "The grandmother, who had heart,
very contradictory, wanted to cut short, do not want to cut short, but I think of long
hair affect intelligence, in order to study well, what can I sacrifice. "

 grandmother he kept praise I really sensible, a good boy, my heart heard flattered.

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