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 third-grade Pan Jiayi
 I am a red balloon, the following is my experience a month .
 float my drift ah, ah Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind, blown up the orchard,
the fruit matured. "Ah! My rope was tied down branches, and how to do?" I muttered.
Just then, an apple heard my words, quickly called a friend, I saw you, and exclaimed:
"People Come, help me!" "We are coming!" Apple said. Apple had to untie the rope. I
said: "Thank you, goodbye." I Cheng Zhaofeng away.
 Yeah I am floating, floating Yeah, blown the field, rice matured. By winds, like a
golden wave, so beautiful ah. Me see a little bird flew to me, and I quickly drifted past,
greeted with the bird, suddenly jumped out in front of the forest in a dog, the bird
turned out. I escaped a catastrophe.
 over the eight days, I came to the home of a grandfather, I really like here. Because
there are many, many friends: apples, pears, oranges, bananas, as well as persimmon.
 But then one day a strong wind blowing my grandfather's house, I'm sorry.
 floating Yeah I drift, blown up in the garden, laurel many Hong, ah, took me away. I
really do not want to leave, and I really do not want to leave, but I want to continue
my journey ah!
 I hit the road, suddenly a strong wind to blow me back to the starting point.
 This is really an unforgettable trip.
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