Babe and Mimi Babe kitten by fdjerue7eeu


									Babe and Mimi Babe cat

 Babe Mimi kitten

 Babe and Mimi

 Mi Bebe and Mi
 Jining City, Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group Economic East Village in the third
grade flights Li Wenjing
 My neighbor keeps a cat named "Mimi", a bunny named "Babe." These two animals
are very cute.

, however, Mimi a white, only a handful of black head, lazy day, won the young
master's love; the bunny a brown hair, and sometimes smell of urine and smelly ,
while the master especially hate it.

 poor Audrey was in a cage all day, eat some rotten leaves; and Mimi eat ham, fish,
etc., but also free access to host family. Once, Babe came out from the cage,
inadvertently dirty house, while the master played rebelled, was a harsh training to be
a meal. Since then, Babe not dare come out.

 Mimi is a good cat, once he was not at home while the owner, gave her a hot bath
wash, said: "Well, Babe, you will no dirty." Justin said: "Well, hypocritical, and I just
do not need your sympathy?" Mimi angrily walked away. Little master came back,
came out to see Babe, then Yao Da Babe. Mimi quickly threw himself blocked, while
the master's hand to Mimi who falls. Distressed young master was rushed to Mimi
hold up into the basket. At this time, Babe shame blush, and cried: "Mimi, I'm sorry! I
blame smb. Wrongly you." Mimi said: "It does not matter! Well we are friends!"

 then the two of them became best friends. Learned to live happily every day.

 Instructor: Chu Van Qin
 Comment: Small of rich imagination and shows the friends, only mutual
understanding, to really separate the. Stick!

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