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									Autumn Night Autumn Night

 Night fall rockery Xiaojin

 Fall Night

 Fall Night
 Shandong Province, Dezhou City in Hunan Road 4 three classes per grade Wu
 fall of the night which was noisy, and it is fascinating.

 This is an autumn night, green water reflecting the mountains, sitting on a large
stone rockery boarded what seemed a warm, harmonious. Appreciate the sky, like the
moon to the stars in the babies mother tell the story. More like a warm family ah!
Points in the top of the hill by late fall brought the girl, waves of cool breeze on my
cheeks folder. We go down the rockery small goldfish, they bounce, and there are two
small goldfish as if to show, each came up on 鲤鱼跳龙门. I threw a piece of biscuit,
two small goldfish fight, was also a few small fish to eat. I laughed, really: fish Weng
benefit ah! Evening breeze gently blowing, I feel the coolness.

 I love the beauty of autumn, but also love the beautiful fall night.
 Instructor: Lin micro
 Comment: Writing from the fall to see the night sky rockery, and Night Fish wrote
lovely autumn night in the United States.

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