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					Autumn is a picture autumn autumn

 fall of a girl gone

  fall is a picture
  Fuling District Experimental Primary School third-grade classes Zhang Hanrui
Scorching Summer girls gone, sentimental girl walked autumn light footsteps, Ana
scene toward us, with her deft hands to dress the whole world was colorful.
  She walked the fields, sorghum, blushing, heavy rice nodded, flips the golden waves
of corn head HY, glittering in the sun.
  She ran into the orchard, took out his favorite dressing, put some apple smeared in
bright red, as if the baby's smile, and some powder coating may beep, like the shy
little girl, give of the pear yellow, yellow pears like a lovely little gourd, purple grapes
left, saw a string of sparkling grape, makes my mouth water.
  non-stop she slipped into the park, happy playing, silver bell-like laughter in The
branches between the flow. Today she is very naughty to put on a fiery red maple
windbreaker, tomorrow will be a very naughty willow hair dyed orange, and comb
into a section Xiao Bian, slender braids swinging in the wind to go Uighur really like
a charming girl, and then for the love yellow ginkgo trees, wearing a yellow coat,
yellow ginkgo leaves like a fan, what fan Which fan, fan away the heat of summer.
Chrysanthemum fairy did not fall, countless more beautiful than moving
chrysanthemum, yellow race gold, red as fire, white like snow ... ... autumn wind
blowing, waves of intoxicating heart and spleen of flowers, people relaxed and happy!
  fall is really a beautiful picture, I love fall!

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