Autumn goodbye autumn next year by fdjerue7eeu


									Autumn goodbye autumn next year,

 fall farewell goodbye next year,

 fall farewell
 fall farewell
 Puyang City Experimental Primary School 3-5 SUN Weilin

 Mid-Autumn season, autumn.
 I went to Rhythm and square, took a deep breath of fresh air, feel very comfortable.
 I looked up and saw groups of geese flying to the south row of adult shape, issued a
"goose goose" of voice, as if to say: "Goodbye blue sky, next spring I will fly to your
arms. "
 I to the pond, bent down and touched discovered" how the water so cool? "This time
they heard the frog," quack ", saying:" Goodbye pond, I want to hibernate, and again
next summer you sing. "
 I climbed a small mountain of soil, there are some pine trees above, there is a tree
squirrel, in the" Zhizhi Zhi "and cried, as saying:" Farewell, I need trees hibernation,
but next year you come back and play. "
  fall walk to see friends, and cry. I think it said: "Do not be sad, but also play with us
and you!" Breaks through his tears fall, the sky is still clear.
 Teacher: What color
  wind reviews: The wording of personification to write the autumn landscape, and
with a lot of dialogue, very good!
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