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 corridor refuse to apologize for it


 apology Wendeng City, Shandong Experimental Primary School third grade the first
three 3 classes on Qi Xiao Han
 early winter morning, sun just over the horizon, the temperature is still low.

 Zhang Xiaoguang carrying a bag out of the house, can not help but shuddered. He
heads down the corridor Po, near the corner and suddenly see the local stacking large
plastic bags bulging with a closer look, the original is a big trash bag. Who on here
could take the time forgot to bring it. Zhang Xiaoguang Shun hand up and feel heavy.
He Yiliuxiaopao, invested the public rubbish bins, and then walked to school rush.

 The next day, Zhang Xiaoguang out of the house, just Shui out of the corridor, that
they stood in the position yesterday, a large bags of trash. He thought: Who is so old
and dry, really wicked! He hesitated a moment, still carry her up and send it to the
common trash.

 third day of the remains is the case, Zhang Xiaoguang angry, he thought: how can
adults do? No, I will try to tell them! Evening after school, he returned home, I use a
brush to write a piece of paper such a notice: We need a better environment to
maintain and respect the uncle or aunt, please Do not litter. Then paste it into a square
veneer board, and then turn the corridor into a prominent position.

 on the fourth day morning, Zhang Xiaoguang Shui out of the corridor, the garbage
was gone, he has written notices to be another cover up signs, which read: I'm sorry,
dear children, I do not own ashamed of civilized behavior, and hereby assure you: this
will not happen again after doing this. Read the notices, Zhang Xiaoguang smile, his
singing the songs, walked briskly to the school direction.

 at the same time, a light cleaning workers aunt smiled and knocked Grandpa Wang,
3rd floor, the door: "Grandpa Wang, your low back pain had relapsed from today, you
do not go downstairs I will visit their home to help your ... ... "

 sun rose up, and today is a sunny weather!

 Instructor: Zhou Xia
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