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									Antivirus antivirus bully bully

 virus bully invincible Jet Li

  virus bully Yumen second primary four (three) classes Wu Meng-Hsuan
  Gu Yan instructor took
  play on the computer each time before you have asked me to anti-virus, every time I
have those "drug traffickers" who killed a Pianjiabuliu, never I can not deal with, so I
give myself The name "antivirus bully."
  did not expect the recent claim invincible in the "Jet Li" virus made me a big
headache. I started to destroy it nice pig, pig outcome obediently limp back. To know
this but I most proud of the strong go-getters, with its defeat in all, it seems the
"invincible" or some progenitor. The first set of the program not work, then start the
second set, I picked a lot of the public in the anti-virus software together with the
invincible "Jet Li" stormed. Austrian troops there than the bear, Moore police officers,
Mega Man and so on and soon the effort, and they all one by one with a hurt back.
One can imagine, this invincible "Jet Li's" Kung Fu is indeed unusual. It seems that
only I personally had. Just go out, invincible "Jet Li" on walking towards me and hit
me by surprise, I quickly adjust tactics, it took the initiative to attack, so began a
hard-fought. A minute passed, two minutes later, three minutes, four minutes ... ... an
hour later, known as invincible in the "Jet Li" finally defeat at the hands of justice, did
I fall by the wayside.
  after this incident, my fame even greater!

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