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					Ant ant beautiful manor

  beautiful little ant farm ant
  ants have a beautiful garden, the birds twittering in the trees, the singing and playing
of small ants happy and working with . Suddenly there is a leaf, call for about falling
down, blocking their way to work, Yating princess said: "We can go around the
leaves." In this way, they are every day on this estate a happy life.
  one day, suddenly all sorts of flying grasshoppers thundered, and destroyed the ant
farm, but also took away their food. Naughty boats force the brave stand up, go out
looking for other Bugs to help them. Naughty boats power arduous journey, and
finally back to the ready to help them as bugs, beautiful butterflies, straw like stick
insects, colorful little ladybug, also desperately praying mantis insects and many ... ...
them together with a small ant to defeat the hateful grasshopper.
  Since then, the ant farm to restore its former calm, small ants, they can be happy in
the farm life. The ant farm is now even more beautiful, more beautiful.

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