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 small ant ant bean paste diary

 ants (journal)

 ants (journal)
 Xi'an in Shaanxi Province Yuk Ying School 4 (c) Class Zhang Danqi
 Today, I finished work, holding a piece of red bean bread, happily go out to play.

 careless, a red bean paste, children fall to the ground. Soon, little one comes, it first
sniffed with his nose, then moved his use of antennae, and then, turning a few laps
around the red bean paste, children, it seems to me no problem, on a small dish with a
clip block away, I thought it was hungry, and want to move back to some of their food,
and behold, it came to the door Mayi Dong went down red bean paste, drilling holes.
Soon, they will come up a little ant, no, 2, 3 ... ...

 Oh, the ant is to their partners handed handling of food, you see them, much more
interesting to move ah! Small clip of a man, carried the bulk of the two, soon, grab a
piece of red bean paste on the sub-empty.

  me want to see more detail, it has deliberately remained a piece of red bean paste,
this time, there is little one would like to move large blocks, a few steps away
unexpectedly just threw himself on be cut in the red bean paste, the following, two
legs kicked up and down in constantly trying to stand up, I really bear to go gently on
another wave of his hand, rolling about, turned over a small ant body, a small ant
saved , and it climbed to my front, with the antennae to touch my shoes as if to say:
"Thank you for saving me, and gave us so many good things to eat." which, the small
ants learned, called a partner to go to the big red bean paste, Kang Hui-dong. Such a
large piece of red bean paste, it was their move those up. Ants are small, but heart is
always thinking of others, there are good things to share with everyone, there is their
solidarity and perseverance, we compared the human, can not be a small ant to learn

  Instructor: Wu Juanli
  Comment: on the ant to show you a vivid description of careful observation, and
from the ants realize the spirit of solidarity some reason, end of the course, people

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