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An open mind_ open mind


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									An open mind, open mind,

 open-minded classmates mother

 open mind,

 open mind,
 plant Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang Wood Primary Five
classes Zheng Yan 3
 When I read "Young Mao Dun - <innocent aggrieved>" article, I
deeply feel how your mind open ah!

 that is not the arithmetic lesson on a school day, you came home from school, a
student wants you to play, but you will your mother's caution - do not play after
school, come home so keep in mind, so he did not want to go. But that students must
play him. Chasing you, they do not care fell, to say that Mao Dun Mao Dun mother
hit him hard. Turns out to be to blame. That students not only the medical expenses,
also criticized you, beat you, I'm very angry! Fortunately, you think of Mr. Shen, Mr.
seen you and that all students do. For you to clarify the facts. Impressed me most is
not in the wrong, but also invited the mother to beat, especially you say that sentence
made me impressed: Mother, you beat me, so you will feel better to!

 What a respectable ah! Students now is almost gone! Some people have accidentally
touched, and students should make life difficult, really should not be! I once saw a
man on the road, a little small for two people, and finally a fight with you to compare,
really bad too far! If the world is a tolerant and less of a fuss, it is so good!

  This is not fantasy, if they work hard, this can be achieved! As the twenty-first
century, students must strive to be a civilized, open minded people. We are the future
hope of the nation, we are all well, Is there is a little preoccupied with trivial things
right! Working together, we work together, believe in the near future, an open mind
will be open for the country over the earth!
  Supervisor: Zhu Juanping

 Received :2004-10-2816: 40:15
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