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					An interesting Xiao Ming Xiao Ming

 first interesting Xiao Ming

 first interesting thing
 day, Xiao Ming's mother called the Little Ming buy MSG, Xiao Ming Na Zhaoqian ,
ran to the supermarket after buying MSG home, but on the way home, was a large
stone to the mix, monosodium glutamate spill to the ground He started to cry
randomly had. MSG is also dirty.
 sudden, a grandfather came over, grandfather said: "When a child, I walked the
bridge more than the way you walk, eat salt more than you had dinner, why not ask
me! "Xiao Ming listened, happy said:" What do you do? "the old man said:" Using the
wash. "Xiao Ming thought: That's right! Many things can be washed with water dirty
ah! To finished turned away
 Xiao Ming fetched a bowl of water, the MSG down to the water washing, could be
put no MSG, and Xiao Ming had the water back to the home, Xiao Ming's mother
asked: "MSG what? "
 Xiao Ming took what had happened, said it again.
 Xiao Ming's mother heard this, thought it was good laugh, you feel funny? Hsiao
Ming's approach is indeed very funny, the idea may be a better grandfather laughed.
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