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					A stamp stamp father

 father of a postage stamp bird

 a stamp

  a stamp of Jining, Shandong Province City District Pu Yu Hui in the third grade
three classes of Mayin Jun
  today, and my father brought me a beautiful stamp. I carefully observed this stamp
designs. Stamps drew a beautiful bird stopped in the branches, the bird's mouth long a
yellowish, the body feathers are golden, eyes, wings and tail are black, as if
surrounded by Xiang a dark side like a circle, looks very beautiful. Dad told me that
this bird golden oriole, she liked to eat pine, people called her the "pine guardian."
  I heard, was very surprised, how could such a beautiful bird so ugly caterpillars eat it?
I played a dubious information to check. Wow! Dad said was right on, Kim Oriole's
ability to really high. Information told me: Kim Oriole wide flat mouth, smart move
quickly, her ability to catch more insects, the number of eating insects is also
considerable. Been made to statistics, a gold oriole chicks eat insects a night is equal
to the weight of her own weight, and sometimes even up to half her body weight.
  This stamp will tell us: birds man's best friend, we have to protect them, as they
create a good living environment.

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