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									A sad thing one thing

 a sad thing 一百

 a sad thing

 a sad thing
 Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen City, the first primary four (1) Xu
 Poem On the morning of class III is the math test, I saw the subject that is very
simple, it 三下五除二 to done. A cursory check it again, they pay the first volume.

  at noon, I arrived in the classroom, students saw a bunch of East and West together a
bunch of places, talking about the exam, guess your score. I walked around them, the
friend of small bright loudly said to me: "Xu Shi An, you will be able to test 100
points!" I nodded proudly, as if 100 points have at hand.

  little while children, school bell rang, the teacher smiled and walked into the
classroom. She put down the paper, said: "This was a good test is to regress a person
of great learning, I will not name the. Well, I reported the following about the names
of the students do well, the students were up to report Neck examination paper. "finish,
teachers had to report from the list to ... ...

" high-sweet, 100 points. Liuzhe Xi, 100 points, Cao Sijun, 99 minutes ... ... "% D %
  teacher reported that more than a dozen names of breath, "how not to report me? Can
I test not good enough?" I started skeptical.

 Sure enough, the teacher spoke: "I do not report the following points, please point to
the name of the students to come up examination paper."

 finished, it seems I am not a test well inside the. I looked down deep, mind a
blank ... ...

 "Xu Shi An," the teacher finally report to me, "Please come lead test paper."

 "please?" I was a little understood, "the teacher said, that deterioration is me!" I
looked up and saw that the teachers really meaningful look.

 I blush to stand up, and quickly rushed to the podium, took the test paper, then
quickly returned to my seat, my hand covered the points, because I dare not face the
Red red figures. Returned to my seat, I avoid the same table, a little to remove the
handle, "ah! 6 am, was actually six very. My math test actually good people out of
such a 'astronomical'?" Suddenly, I The tears flowed flowed, dear! even worse than I
am normally a lot of people are very much more than the eight test to how I was?
Then, at the same table to steal to see my score, and rejoiced and said: "test than
before and I said to my view, another one hundred years not even think about, huh!" I
gave him a look, much more the tears flow.

  school, and students to the house like a bird "flying" go. I am alone on the road
moving step by step, like filling a lead-like feet. I think the way the pedestrians are all
laughing at me, ironically I only sympathy I have roadside trees, and bowed his head
like me.

 back home, my mother asked me test how well I actually fell on her mother's arms
and burst into tears. Mom immediately understand, she told me earnestly: "Xu Shi
Ann, you remember, life's road is not flat, there are always ups and downs Ke Hum!
You have to believe in yourself, the real gold will shine, do not be discouraged ah! "

 mother listened, I nodded wildly, heart and secretly resolved to make a real gold,
gold without pride issue was covered when the light is not depressed. I think this is
the failure of this experience gave me the lesson it!
 Instructor: Xu Wei
 Comment: There are many articles about the students experienced the kind of
scenario, the primary terms That is what a sad experience ah! Xu Shi security students
to write this experience so vivid and specific, give people a sense of immersive, more
valuable is that small of a lesson from that "do a piece of gold when light is not proud,
does not light when not depressed." I think, for all of our people, is instructive.

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